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WBC provides numerous global business services for companies and entrepreneurs overseas.

Free Business Consultation by WBC Advisers

WBC Advisers, experienced professional business experts, offer support to overseas-based companies and entrepreneurs looking to do business in Japan. WBC Advisers provide business information and consultation free of charge in the areas of importing and exporting, investment in Japan, and technology sharing. These same services are also offered to Japanese business entities.

Business Information and Inquiries Through WBC Homepage

WBC also provides the following free services through its homepage, http://www.ywbc.org/english/inquiries.html


Business information direct from overseas economic organizations, companies, and entrepreneurs as well as the City of Yokohama’s foreign offices listed below. The information is concisely written in Japanese.

Overseas Offices Network managed by the City of Yokohama

WBC supports overseas companies in doing business in Yokohama, Japan.

    The City of Yokohama Frankfurt Representative Office

    18F, FBC Frankfurter Buro-Center Mainzer Landstrasse 46
    60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany

    Tel: +49-69-2423110 Fax: +49-69-24231115
    E-mail: info@yokohama-city.de
    URL: http://www.yokohama-city.de

    Yokohama Industrial Development Corporation Shanghai Office (China)

    7th fl. Hang Seng Bank Tower, 1000 Lujazui Ring Rd., Pudong New Area
    Shanghai. 200120, China

    Tel: +86-21-6841-5777 Fax: +86-21-6841-5700
    URL: http://www.city-yokohama.cn/

    Yokohama-Mumbai Liaison Office

    Contractor: KG Information Systems Japan K.K.

    Ground Floor, Ismail Building, D N Road,
    Flora Fountain, Fort, Mumbai - 400001, India

    Tel: +91-22-4232-4913 Fax: +91-22-4232-4950
    E-mail: info@yokohama-mumbai.com
    URL: http://www.yokohama-mumbai.com/


Japanese-language information on products available for import or export.

WBC takes no responsibility for any homepage content provided by users of its services. Confirming the accuracy and reliability of any such content shall be the responsibility of the individual user.

In addition, WBC supports and collaborates with overseas organizations, companies in Yokohama, and tenant organizations in WBC through the following activities and events

  • Organizing international exhibitions
  • Seminar management and collaboration
  • Receiving overseas business delegations
  • Business matching with companies in Yokohama
  • Organization of business meetings and negotiations

Record of events held in 2008-2009

Organization of booths for Yokohama-based business entities in international exhibitions

  1. SUBCON Thailand 2008 in Bangkok (as a delegation)
  2. JA2008 International Aerospace Show
  3. Technical Show Yokohama 2009
  4. Green Device 2009

Coordination and collaboration in national business seminars

  1. Poland Investment Seminar
  2. India Mumbai IT Seminar
  3. Thailand Investment Seminar
  4. Vietnam Manufacturing Practice Seminar
  5. Mongolia Business Seminar
  6. Vietnam Investment Business Semina
  7. Global Business Salon

Reception of delegations by the following overseas business entities

  1. India Merchants Chamber
  2. Thailand Board of Investment
  3. Malaysia Industry Development Agency
  4. Delegations from business entities based in Germany, Taiwan, and Korea

Japanese delegation sent to Vietnam and other countries

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